December 19, 2018: Crocker and I were shootin’ the breeze with Bernie Taupin and Elton John in one of Bernie’s NYC apartments, I’m strangely nonplussed and mostly examining the way the natural light comes into this spacious music room, interrupted briefly by someone’s ringtone (Donald Dumptruck yelling), eventually heading out to the roof where there was a blue Telecaster that I woke up too soon to play? Good one, brain. Not as good as Tori Amos kissing my cheek the other night, but interesting.

January 28, 2018: there were huge rats all over Positively Records, little booths were set up for people to pet rats, there was less inventory but the store was packed with rat admirers

January 24, 2018: lowlight/darkwood college lounges, professors and older student and a dog, location unknown, looking for a place to dive into my book anonymously, around the action but left alone. I hope I return and find out what's around the next corner.

October 9, 2017: "You were doing a musical accompaniment to the drag king show... and people were loving it. It was an intense party. These ladies really wanted us to move in. It was $200 for a shared house in Princeton. I was like, 'why is it only $200? That seems like a strings-attached situation.' There wasn't any divider in the house. It seemed risky. At one point, Marianna was there. They were really into her, too." - Nicky

March 7, 2017: I was wandering around a marsh with my high school friends while playing someone's Gibson SG. I knew it was wrong to be playing an SG in a swamp but I didn't drop it. I wouldn't drop it. And did not.

February 28, 2017: Laying in bed at a CVS that had a motel in the back, I watched a documentary crew walk in to the store through my window. I laid there hoping to learn what they were doing. My door already cracked open, they soon walked in. Semi-attractive blonde lady and biker guy. They said, "tweet your bed! Tweet your bed!" I said, "I don't know its handle!" I tried to think of something funny. "@BedThatIHaveMyDirtyShoesOn?" This was slightly funny to them. I asked who they were filming for. Semi-attractive blonde woman said, "[indecipherable] University." I asked her to repeat it and she said it again in exactly the same way.

September 20, 2016: You were doing some kind of goofy performance in a cave or something. Then I woke up from that dream and discovered I had a video of the dream on my phone! But that was a dream too :( And another one was just that you texted me that you were coming over and we're bringing pizza. - Nicky

September 12, 2016: You were making a movie! Like a major motion picture. It was a movie about a band you liked. And you were all of the different members. - Alyssa

May 22, 2016 - Someone had stolen the body and dropped it into the river and somehow that meant that even after it was recovered they had to cremate the remains and replace the casket with a box of ashes and a sign calling the body thief a "coward."

March 5, 2016: I was on-stage with both Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders at a rally and I started rapping Beck's "In A Cold Ass Fashion" with them. It went over well.

March 1, 2016: Katy Perry

February 24, 2016: Adele and I ran across the street wearing Christmas tree ornament hats and carrying Christmas lyric sheets. There were comically oversized windchimes. I had to leave them because I didn't have enough space. We get into an apartment with Adele's friends and family. A tall, well-dressed man lets us in. I go heavy on the smiling and eye contact because I need to make it extra clear that I'm friends with Adele (as it is such a recent development) rather than a thief with Christmas ornaments on his head.

February 12, 2016: The Beatles' "Any Time At All" had an American release with a different bridge. I can't remember how my brain rewrote the song, but it was pretty good.

February 5, 2016: I had a dream last night that Jenni got married and we were at her wedding and it was the most fun wedding ever. Also I remember that you did a performance and the crowd went wild and I felt very proud :) The wedding party was wearing very elaborate shiny costumes. Kind of mummer-like. There were a lot of games too. At one point everyone was told to tell a secret to the person next to them. Also there was a part where everyone threw huge armfuls of unrolled toilet paper up in the air like confetti. - Nicky

February 4, 2016: David Crosby was coming to my Mom's Airbnb apartment. Nick Crocker and I sat around talking about him for a while and when he arrived, I couldn't get my hand out from under a pile of white sheets fast enough to shake his hand. David Crosby was not upset with me, but David Crosby also wasn't singing harmony with me.

January 21, 2016: It was like a very high class art gallery, but in some kind of warehouse. And then I was like "jeez where's Greg he'd love this" and then you showed up. - Nicky

December 19, 2015: My nephew was talking in a Teddy Ruxpin voice and that I got a new copy of Sonic Youth's SYR 4 which was exciting but also meant that I was further away from my goal of entirely removing CDs from my life.

December 10, 2015: you and me and raj from the big bang theory learned to play a song together. i played the bass i think and sang. later we started a spontaneous show on the sidewalk outside of a restaurant but i realize i didnt have my instrument, and i couldnt even remember what instrument i played. marc was working in the restaurant as a manager or something. i went inside to find my instrument, and he was working in nothing but long underwear. oh, and at some point in the dream, i was shaving lots of thick winter hair off my legs, haha .. what does it all mean!? - Meghan

November 12, 2015: A really tall Jennifer Lawrence was naked in a kitchen. I got in an industrial elevator and it started swaying back and forth like branches on a rain-soaked tree.

October 16, 2015: Bob Dylan was hanging onto me from behind while we watched a band that was performing in a New York city street scene for a film based in the '60s. The whole block was de-modernized for the scene. Waddy Wachtel was in the crowd. We weren't extras - we were just there. Soon, I was in an apartment that was being rented by Rebel Wilson and a waify actress that might've been Emma Stone but also might not've been because I would've been more excited to be in Emma Stone's apartment. They had left to shoot scenes. I was in the bathroom hitting little black buttons trying to get the shower to turn on. I didn't get the shower to turn on.

September 7, 2015: I saw an incredible rainbow and Olivia photographed it first. She was cocky about it, but just a tiny bit.

September 7, 2015: We were in a bar I'd never seen before. She said it would soon be time to start wearing a lot of layers again. I thought about how I miss our times bumming around places with her wrapped up in winter gear. In time, she got a fever that I somehow knew related to her illness coming back. Wichita Lineman was playing. I stared into her eyes and sang while we held each other. We both began to grieve for what was to come and we didn't hide our tears.

August 7, 2015 - We got busted for something, but it was kind of comical because we evaded the cop or something. Was there a park ranger in that Yogi Bear cartoon? It was like that. - Nicky

June 18, 2015 - Taylor Swift approached me at my table. She said "I've just gotten divorced" but I could see in her eyes that she was already almost over it. Someone approached the table, possibly Nicky, and I introduced Taylor by saying, "this is Lucinda Williams." Taylor thought this was funny. I didn't mean it in the way I would have if I said it right now. I decided to not tell her I was a musician. I realized it would've been a good business strategy to tell her I'm a guitarist, but I didn't want to be "that guy." At some point, I drifted over to some sort of machine that made textural sounds, almost like an avant garde microwave. Very sensitive buttons/dials/knobs. I was comfortable with my decision to not bother Taylor Swift.

June 7, 2015 - We were walking through the Chuck-E-Cheese strip mall and Chelsea Mitchell was singing "Pissing In A River" so we stopped to watch. Before long, it morphed into "Ain't It Strange" and by then a huge crowd had developed and they were all singing the chorus in unison. I sang the "oh-oh-oh" part full-voiced and felt mildly self-conscious so I tried it in falsetto but it didn't sound right. I fist-bumped Bill Raymond as he walked through the crowd looking for an unnamed nephew.

June 7, 2015 - You were graduating from something and you were playing in a band at a high school. We had to wait in a dollar store before we went. I left my purse somewhere and someone stole my wallet. Then my car key split in half but worked anyway. - Nicky

May 24, 2015 - This woman came to the door and asked me, with great concern, why I was laughing so hard about bananas.

May 10, 2015 - We were on some kind of boat. It was like, some kind of tugboat, maybe? It was weird-looking. We took a pit stop. And we got out to check out this thing that was like, stairs in the river or something? I was like, "hey! I think we'd better go back." You're like, "maybe we should keep going." "But the boat's gonna leave." And the boat DID leave. But then the boat was on a road and we ran after it and a car signaled to the boat to stop and it did and we got on it. - Nicky

April 22, 2015 - You thought you had to work unexpectedly. I was like, "why do I have to get up?" I couldn't find my pants. We went to a banquet hall in a strip mall and there were a lot of people in it. The instructors were like, "OK, now we're gonna find your chakras. Rub your fingers together! Move your hands up!" It was very... not helpful. - Nicky

March 20, 2015 - We are already a few scenes in. I'm sitting on a bench somewhere I've never been. A woman is sitting next to me, her legs in my peripheral vision. A trash truck drives past us and she pulls her legs in to make space. Something goes wrong as the trash truck empties a dumpster into itself. The whole scene begins to fill with water. It keeps rising, from an unknown source. I am happy to realize that I don't have any belongings with me. "The elements always win," I note to myself. Before long, the town square is a big swimming pool. Cousin Tommy Robertson is singing "Hey Jude" and I am singing a low harmony with him as we find a staircase and ascend safely out of the flood and into the blue-skied, sunny city.

March 9, 2015 - Prince had been spotted at this Party City before, so when I noticed a black sports car out front, I went in and checked each aisle individually. Prince wasn't in this Party City.

I climbed a ladder to nowhere later, in front of probably a CVS, police watching as if it was a ladder from which people often committed suicide. They just kept talking to each other and not looking up because they knew I would be OK.

It was a sunny morning next at a part of the local creekside park I'd never seen before. A man was installing decorative cabbage on top of an old utility poll. I was surprised they'd added cabbage polls after all the budget cuts. I was torn between my excitement about exploring this area and the idea of stopping for photos. Some of the cabbage was at eye level and was covered in icicles glistening in the morning sun. I next noticed an old army barrack-type building, metallic ruins with fading red paint and boring old gang graffiti. But then I noticed the morning sun shining through the wall in a thin, mesh wire-like section and could see that it might make a good photo. I took one and then a second one which screwed with my camera, causing a mechanical sound that didn't stop when expected. A girl rode past me on a bike and smiled.

March 6, 2015: I'm having fewer lost-on-the-first-day-of-school dreams and more trying-to-bootleg-a-concert-despite-technical-challenges dreams.

March 1, 2015: I asked you to play me a song, but I don't think you did. Then something grotesque happened where a bunch of bullfrogs were eating each other? - Nicky

March 1, 2015: He was standing in the middle of a road and a red double decker bus (the kind from London) went by and you were on it waving to him. Then he said you were sitting on a rock surrounded by trees playing your guitar and Chellie was standing right next to you watching you play...something about a blue coat? He said it didn't look like Chellie but he knew it was her. She was a ghost-like figure. - Laura

February 17, 2015: Dreamt of sleeping in a house in London with strangers that Neko Case and Robyn Hitchcock were also in but unseen. I looked out the window to a wide view of a somewhat industrial part of the city. "Is that London fog or London steam?" Soon after, I was hiking a nonexistent trail with Dad and Patti in my hometown.

January 29, 2015: There's a bunch of beings in the building and they're very negative and they're totally gonna kill us and everybody in the building. You and I are like, "fuck this, we're gonna get out of here. We're gonna go get help and we're gonna save everybody." We make a plan. We're hiding. These things were passing us by in the hallways. We go to get in my car and you're like, "how many miles are on your car?" "108,000." "We can't take this car." We get in your car and we drive to this lake that I used to go to when I was a kid. We used to call it The Falls. "We gotta wait, so we might as well play in this river." I'm on top of this bridge and I'm looking down at you in the water. There's these HUGE fish, bigger than cars, swimming next to you and I'm like "GREG!!" There's a barracuda and all these crazy fish. You try to pick one up and you're rolling around it and I'm like, "dude, we have to go save the WORLD! Stop playing with these giant FISH!" We get back in the car and we go to a place and fill out paperwork to get an army. We're like, "why can't we just get an army? Why do we have to fill out an application for an army?" We need our IDs and we'd left them in the building and we're like, "c'mon - we have to save the world! This is bullshit! This is government bullshit!" You start getting really pissed off. You're throwing shit all over the place. We go back to the original building with lots of armor and weapons and it's like Lord Of The Rings. We start fucking everything up. Crazy monsters start coming at us and we're fighting them. Something happened and we fight everyone and we save the world. We're on the news the next day. I've had this feeling all day of us like bonding and saving the world, so... if it's a premonition, you'd better start working out. - Jenni

January 17, 2015: *recording scene with iPhone* "Pam, none of these animals are alive anymore. I think this has to be a dream. I think I will enjoy it, anyway."

December 1, 2014: The part I remember involved a room that had a 30-foot window facing a lake and, as I walked by, a bear was viciously eating a jellyfish.

October 24, 2014: You were sitting on a bed playing guitar…it was an older bed, with a small wooden headboard and footboard. The comforter was old…like, early ’90s mom style haha. Looked kind-of like a Native American print…if that makes sense. Reds and yellows type deal. But it wasn’t like we were hanging OUT. I was brought there just to see this but you couldn’t see me. And your girlfriend was sitting on top of this tall, grey cabinet to the right of you…and she said, “Tell him I could hear him.” - Robin

September 25, 2014: She told me how lucky she was to have you. - Barbara H.

August 31, 2014: I’m walking past Asbury Park’s abandoned highway and period - perhaps early ’60s - red-and-purple tollbooths. There is a small beach with sand dunes that are fully covered in colorful, 3-D, wooden faces from 1930s-style cartoons. I’m surprised I’ve never seen this before.

August 31, 2014: Wilco was playing a house concert at my dad’s old house. They were playing in the kitchen. Somehow, I never got up to look at them. During a break, I got outside with my harmonica and I sit on a curb by myself. There are weeds growing all around the curb. A guy in the crowd wanders around with a guitar playing a song in the same key as my harmonica, but somehow we never connect. They start to play again and I become concerned that my recording device is set up too far from the band. There’s a break between songs and Jeff Tweedy, whose face I never see, hands me eight bouquets of yellow flowers. I assume they’re for the women in the crowd, but I turn around and realize there’s only eight audience members left in total. I go back into the kitchen to get my first glimpse of the band, and see if Nels Cline is there, and I realize they’ve all left. I go out in the garage to look for any sign of them. “What a cool way to say goodbye,” I say. My companion walks down the street checking all the houses for Wilco. I transcribe the story of this strange concert into my recording device.

August 7, 2014: You were performing with Dave Matthews and you guys played all his songs except a song that you wrote together called “Supermoon.” - Meghan S.

July 15, 2014: You were a little boy sitting on a couch in Laura’s living room and I gave you a little toad I found in the bathroom. - Erin

July 7, 2014: The deer head was the thing you opened to get the water out. You were next to me at the other sink with the same head and you got yours to work. - Marcella

July 2, 2014: I’m walking through a town square and it’s snowing and I’m with Pam and her watch breaks and Lana Del Rey says, “hey, maybe I can help.” We all get to talking and she tells us how much likes puns and before I have a chance to babbling on about puns, I grab the top of my hat and push it down while saying, “sorry, I’ll try to put a cap on it” and pretend to run away.

June 1, 2014: I was stuck in a basement with all your cats and I couldn’t figure out how to get upstairs. And I climbed the mangled stairs but there was just a hole in the ceiling that cats could fit through. And then you were in the basement. And you were happy I fed them without paying for their food. - Marcella

May 7, 2014: Woah i just had the high school nightmare and you were in it! “I’m driving YOU, Greg.” I shaved in my old house’s bathroom but it was full of strangers and Stevie Nicks was staring at my sideburns.

April 19, 2014: I embraced a lady who was both my girlfriend and Kim Gordon.

March 17, 2014: Sting wouldn’t shake my hand because it was revealed that I had rotten milk in my backpack.

March 1, 2014: I was switching “rooms” in a glasswall complex. You moved in right above me so I requested a transfer. LoL. - Mona

February 1, 2014: You were in my Gospel Choir class and we found a 3.5” floppy and all the other kids in the class didn’t know what it was. Then we made fun of the disk. - Aaron

January 31, 2014: I was sitting on the floor with Bob Dylan and he told me he was trying to figure out what to do next. I laughed. He asked me not to laugh in his face since I was getting over a cold. Meghan was there and helped pick out medicine for him. I watched her hand to see if she was nervous and she was only shaking lightly. Keith Richards tapped me on the shoulder and told me how lucky we are. By the time I looked into his eyes, he was Porter Wagoner in a purple Nudie suit.

September 16, 2013: in the first, (i won’t go into detail about it now, but it involved burying dead people). after the macabe task was finished, she and i were sharing a bedroom in a rectory, and she said to me, “when i lived in the rectory, i’d get up at 4am to meditate, because that’s when you can talk to spirits.” then, i had the distinct sensation that someone was climbing into my bed with me, and i woke up. it was exactly 4am. fell asleep again about 20min later, and she was with me in the next dream as well— a classmate, helping me to find my lost bag. - Meghan

August 17, 2013: I’m in a sprawling building and I’m looking for coffee but all they have are shitty fast food places. It’s a little like a college, but it has portions of the Franklin Institute behind certain doors. I’m moving down the hallway and some tall guy runs out from behind a door and throws something at me before running back. I collect myself and then go looking for him. I recognize him. “ASHTON!” He looks at me and says, “GAH! I’m not supposed to respond to that name. This is a movie.”

April 13, 2013: dreamed of a thrift store with an irregularly shaped record with a stern mans face etched into it. it was a bootleg of The Everly Brothers Sing but it wouldn’t have played on a turntable. they also had Neil Young’s Arc on bluray and it made me wonder what feedback looks like.

October 3, 2012: my favorite dreams are about exploring somewhere I’ve never been. I visited a town I’d been to before but only in other dreams. it was like a huge sprawling dreamy version of New Hope or Princeton. I went into an apartment where the local musicians were hanging out, laying on beds covered in newspaper cutouts and art and thrift store finds. I passed a bunch of friendly girls on the street with mustaches drawn onto their upper lips. eventually I found a spot like the Delaware Canal path and I walked along by myself. the ground was sparkling, a little bit mossy, it may have had diamonds embedded in it. i got more and more drawn into how beautiful the path was when I felt myself lift up. I wasn’t flying but I was floating, able to move down the path just by shifting my body weight. it was the best sensation I ever remember feeling. I said to the air, “how did you do that, Joe?”

May 1, 2012: You got mad at me because I didn’t believe you that Giant had a taco-dispensing machine, even though you showed it to me. Then you turned into a dog and chased a car down the street. - Christie

April 10, 2012: In the twilight moment just prior to falling asleep last night, I dreamed Mazzeo painted a version of the Zuma cover with a cartoon version of me in the bird’s grip.

December 11, 2011: I was at a cast reading for Gemini Rising in a field with at least fifty people, mostly strangers, a lesbian couple (actors or not, unclear) were dancing to a song I wrote with my friend Nick called Nite ‘N’ Day (playing from…??). It took me about two minutes to realize it was a song I wrote. I started hearing thumps, but no one said anything. Psychotic homeless people were slowly beginning to attack us, and an agile man in a suit started to throw coins at their faces - a blind and crippled man first - to make them disperse. I realized the thumps were homeless people - another group of them with javelins and boomerang knives (true) - started to attack us with ninja-like skill and precision. But very few got injured. Like in Super 8 when the kids walked away from a huge explosion with just smeared makeup. My mom was there, but homeless ninjas are not allowed to attack my mom (true). Everyone had items from the world’s best thrift shop, in this town I’ve never seen. I woke up and wondered if I’d taken too much melatonin.

October 2011: I dreamed we were in one of your photos. - Kat

December 11, 2010: I recorded a music video of you. You moved around in big front yard dressed as bumble bee and The Transformer and I chased you around as you would stop singing to the camera and run away. There was also a flashing light effect on you. - Sarah

May 24, 2010: Conan O’Brien was playing my Jagmaster on-stage during his theater tour and then Gina Andreoli chipped her tooth and that meant that the show needed to be canceled.

April 2, 2010: we were partying at your parents house, and greg started playing the meat puppets song backwater, and then all the sudden you started getting the party all hype it was funny. - Jarrett to Bill

January 29, 2010: last night before bed i listened to those songs you sent me, and i dreamt you and i were driving around PA and you showed me a trippy movie that you were in. the end. - June

2010: my ice cream truck playing creepy Greg McGarvey instrumentals. - Sarah

January 29, 2010: you took me to some art thing, i think thats what it was. but it had lots of different rooms with costumes and wigs (all different colors) and you told me i’d look best wearing a purple wig (it was a pretty cool wig) and then it gets fuzzy…. - Bee

January 14, 2010: Greg Palka and I were at an apartment with Greg McGarvey and at some point you reluctantly climbed inside a big dishwasher and hosed yourself off, then you decided it was so much fun you tried to convince me to do it too. WTF? - Sarah

January 13, 2010: I found a blanket with our picture designed on it in a Wawa [convenience store] in Flemington and it was on discount and I tried to get it for $10! - Pam

2009: she sang a John Mayer song to the McGarvey siblings in an old abandoned subway stop and in a fit of (well deserved) embarrassment, ran away. Only to be cornered by a gaggle of Korean children - who until recently had been watching an… illegal cock fight - who proceeded to laugh at her misfortune. - Steph

October 22, 2009: You’s covered the Beastie Boys’ “Hey Ladies”, but it was a 30-minute extended jam version. And you’s included it on the first album, which was entitled “Jet Noize” and the cover art was the twin towers with a plane flying towards them. In the dream I remember not being offended and could only imagine it was a still taken from a news broadcast. The album had 50 songs on it, including the 30-minute “Hey Ladies” jam. - Bill

May 4, 2009: I sat next to Patti Smith on a public bus. It was raining. I played part of her song “1959” on a nylon string guitar for her amusement. Somehow, we were able to look down at another highway and see that it was beginning to flood. It was Manhattan but seemed to be bordered by the ocean. We ended up in the lanes covered in puddles of water but everything was OK. We ended up at a sandwich shop and I had an urge to identify her to some of my friends, but I didn’t want to make her uncomfortable. I may have played “Dead To The World” or “Ravens” to her, as well.

April 14, 2009: had a dream of a song you wrote…it’s about a thrift shop…the thrift shop of life where you gotta give everything back after you make it and then you can buy it all back before you die and give it all back! i remember after turning in all the stuff, i didn’t die..still alive, still needed things….this thriftplace was the only place on earth you could find anything, but nothing appropriate for living right. a female..not quite a lady- type said i could have a few things…n come on back in… when i went in all there were twobackpacks…one really fullof all kinds of unnecessary.. stuff…eons of time went by but it really was the next day.. was watering something, had this hose… that lady and a bunch like her male and female, came over reporting, “we r taking it back now” truth is a lie, they heckled N took the two backpacks back….your song went……. life is a thrift shop… like this…. thrift shop…THIRFTSH..POP..take it down…take it back the truth is a lie…lay it down..bring it back..(in a funky rhythm..david burne style) on n on …..really weird dream.oh no! - Teressa

April 2, 2009: My friend and I were at a carnival in a very old booth playing a video music trivia game with questions about outdated and seemingly fictitious bands. Before long, a disheveled man came in and started dropping a pile of smoked cigarettes onto the table in a nonchalant, detached way. I nudged her shoulder, she got up, and we made our way out, just as the man started to slowly excrete something white and plasmatic from his mouth.

September 22, 2008: In high school, you were saying random, strange phrases to freak out Sean and he got scared and left. - Sarah

2008: on your street they carved a tree into a headless man playing guitar. when the wind blew his arm moved and plucked the scrap metal strings. I took a photo of the carving with a snarling prehistoric animal in the corner, coming down from the sky. you pan to the right and look up at the light and notice elevation changes.

2008: we walked along the Lincoln highway and she told me stories 'til the dawn of day about the old folks and the way they love throughout this life and one above.

2006: I was walking alone through a cold foggy night. little girls were all around. hunger so deep, direction gone. then I arrived in a brand new, well-worn part of town. moving up a dark hill with no street lights. a middle-aged dad and several kids slowly marched my way but never turned to look holding home-made painted signs backwards explaining that the bridge was out. I approached a scene of chaos with bright lights all around. I complained to the crewmen that they should’ve put a Bridge Out sign further up the road. I got back on my way on a slightly pastel bike and a collared pattern shirt like an aerial shot of autumn leaves sticking out the top and bottom of a gray sweater. I pedaled away awkwardly and vigorously. someone shouted, “the ’50s ended long ago!” I biked my way to the road parallel and almost hit a woman in beige who wasn’t so much a zombie as a bargain hunter. I ran over a tan pump and saw dozens of others littering the road and then with a flash of light, I arrived at the midnight flea market where the party was going down for middle-aged and elderly yuppie women but before I got a chance to shop, I heard someone snoring like a bad engine starting

August 5, 2006: I was with Pam, my mom, and the dogs at a clean, hilly playground with a wood chip-covered surface. It had a poorly lit, tubular structure in which several people and dogs could fit and be lifted into the sky at a slow speed. When we looked out from the top, we could see various sections of Sesame Place layered on top of one another from what looked like the perspective of a zoomed-in camcorder. When I returned to the ground, I received an intense electrical shock, but simply forgot about it after about a minute. At some point, I found myself alone in the tubular structure which had now become an elevator of sorts, transporting me and a few people through various European and Asian countries. When we climbed out of the tube at each stop, we found ourselves in what seemed like the airports of the respective countries. Burly security guards were milling about. When I arrived in one of the Eastern European countries, I ended up in a gift shop in which everything was free. One of the schoolgirl cashiers handed me a delicious-looking, dry marshmallow-and-chocolate treat. I didn’t eat it.