Count The Colors (For Marcella)

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A veteran of multiple rock & roll bands and folk groups in the Greater Philadelphia and New York areas, Greg McGarvey has become one of the most vibrant, emotional, and often startlingly funny songwriters on the music scene today. Equally at ease in a rock club or in a hushed theater, Greg always delivers performances that are passionate, honest, and - given his love of life's unplanned, spontaneous moments - unique.

Greg first touched his grandfather's Gibson guitar at the age of three and has rarely been seen without a guitar since. His father Scott claims he learned to read earlier than expected in order to more easily find songs on Everly Brothers records. By the time six-year-old Greg saw The Everlys perform in person, he knew what he wanted to do with his life.

"I've enjoyed expressing myself in prose and visual art over the years, but it's through music that I communicate the most directly, with the most emotion."

Soon, Greg will release his first album. Count The Colors (For Marcella), featuring members of Levee Drivers, St. James & The Apostles, Bears Choice, and The Divine Hand Ensemble, is a tribute to Greg's late, great girlfriend, one of the earliest and strongest supporters of his songwriting.

"Since my 2015 trip to Nashville, I've had a renewed focus. I'd already written a few hundred songs by then, but I felt lost. I'd written about a lot of almost-wases and might-have-beens, troubled rock stars, crooked politicians. I'd written about a lot of imagined things. When I resumed my writing in Nashville, it was time to write about very real time spent with a very real person to whom I felt I owed a debt. This called for not only a resumption of my work, but a raising of the bar. I had to do her justice.

The further I got into this project, the more my older songs came back to life, not to mention brand new ones. I've lived a life in which I've sometimes taken the longer, more scenic route. In songwriting, I get to preserve life's most profound moments and then move on, knowing I can always return to them like a sort of musical time machine.

I aspire to write pieces of music that have the atmosphere of a song that might be playing on a jukebox in some strange dream you're having at 4 AM. Those are the songs I keep."

Greg's visual art was first shown at Princeton's ArtTimesTwo Gallery in a 2012 show called The Activity Of Form. Curator Madelaine Shellaby explains that all the show’s pieces "explore the boundaries between the real and the felt - between what is seen and what can be expanded and known from it."

In August 2015, a month-long exhibition entitled A Few Moments With Marcella opened at Langhorne Coffee House, a show celebrating the life of the brave and beautiful Marcella Di Sandro, tragically lost in 2014 to cancer brought on by Fanconi anemia. Patrons of the show helped facilitate a donation to the fundraiser started in Marcella's name, Chellie's Challenge.


photographs #1, #2, and #4 by Marcella Di Sandro (2013), 
photograph #3 by Kim Goodwin (2017), photograph #4 by Chris Sikich (2016), 

June 2019: Death, Gummy Bears, Etc. 
November 2017: The Golden-Hearted People

Bucks County Ghost Stories (recitation) / Emmaline (live at Noble Earth)
Like A Hurricane (Neil Young) (live at 1867 Sanctuary)
I Don't Mind The Rain (live at 1867 Sanctuary)
Across The Universe (The Beatles cover) (live at 1867 Sanctuary)
gettin' closer (live at 1867 Sanctuary)
Why Don't U Laugh At Your Ugly Self (instrumental)
Uncle Ted's Porch (instrumental)
Easy And Slow (with Righteous Jolly) (Traditional) (live at Silver Lake Nature Center)
Mangoes (instrumental)
Hola Sloth (instrumental)
Bye Bye Love / Bye Bye Love reprise by Dad 1957 (The Everly Brothers cover) (live at 1867 Sanctuary)
How Did You Do That, Mr. Joe (live at 1867 Sanctuary)
Dead Flowers (with Righteous Jolly) (The Rolling Stones cover) 
That Silver-Haired Daddy Of Mine (Gene Autry cover) (live at 1867 Sanctuary)
Stories We Could Tell (John Sebastian cover) (live at 1867 Sanctuary)
Graceland (Paul Simon cover) (live at 1867 Sanctuary)
Wake Up Little Susie (The Everly Brothers cover) (live at 1867 Sanctuary)
I'm Thinking Tonight Of My Blue Eyes (The Carter Family cover) / Hear The Wind Blow (Traditional) (live at 1867 Sanctuary)
Count The Colors (backyard version)
In Her Powder Room (living room version)
Dad Story / You're Going To Lose That Girl (live in Newtown)
All You Need Is Love (live in Newtown)
No Greys And Blues (office version)
Cleased In Waves (bedroom window version)
Tom Shad & Friends NYC improv
Here In The Future (with Jenny Cat) (live in New Hope)
Mrs. Tyler (For Stella Tyle) (live in Newtown)
Do You Think She'd Mind (live at Dragonfly)
I Ain't Dyin' (Chuck Berry Said) (live at Dragonfly)
Wichita Lineman (Jimmy Webb cover) (live at Big Treble)
Harvest Moon (Neil Young cover) (live at Big Treble)
(All I Have To Do Is) Dream (The Everly Brothers cover) (live at Big Treble)
Penny Jawn (instrumental)
Tomorrow Never Knows (The Beatles cover) (live at Broken Goblet)
She Said She Said (The Beatles cover) (live at Broken Goblet)
Sweet Old World (Lucinda Williams cover) 
Afton Lake (instrumental)
Bad News In A Clown Car On A Long Highway On A Cloudy Day (instrumental)
Down By The River (Neil Young cover) (live in Yardley)
Cowgirl In The Sand (Neil Young cover) (live in Yardley)
Ocean Grove (instrumental)


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