photo by Marcella Di Sandro, Centralia, Pennsylvania, March 2013 


Greg McGarvey is a singer, songwriter, and guitarist.

"I always wanted to have a device that could record my dreams and play them back the next morning. As a songwriter, my goal is to create pieces that feel like what those dream movies would feel like."

Greg first touched his grandfather's 1940s Gibson acoustic guitar at the age of three and has rarely been seen without a guitar since. His father Scott claims he learned to read earlier than expected in order to more easily find songs on Everly Brothers records. By the time Greg saw The Everlys play a gig at Valley Forge Music Fair in 1989, he knew what he wanted to do with his life.

Greg first performed publicly at the age of eighteen in Bristol, Pennsylvania, and started writing his own material by twenty-four, inspired by such acts as The Everly Brothers, The Beatles, Neil Young, R.E.M., Robyn Hitchcock, Lucinda Williams, and Patti Smith. Greg sang his first original song at J.B. Kline & Son Gallery in Lambertville, New Jersey.

In addition to solo acoustic performances, he's played original music with GETdownSOULS, Deluxe Thumps, MOONSLOPE, and Vagabond, and traditional Irish folk music with Righteous Jolly in The Jolly Tinkers. He has also contributed music to the Webby Award-winning mockumentary Gemini Rising and has guested with acts such as Nick Crocker, Cait Black, Kurt Mattel, SYRRAH, Jenny Cat, John Beacher, Cecil Middleton, Chris Marston, Bears Choice, Evan Scheerer, Mike Kiker, Daniel Wright, Joe Rakowski, Cara Cartney, Joe Falcey, Brian Dillon, and Levee Drivers.

In 2018, Greg plans to release his first album. Count The Colors (For Marcella) is a tribute to his late, great girlfriend, one of the earliest and strongest supporters of his songwriting. Also in the works are three additional song cycles: You Don't Have A Map, BIG SAVINGS!!!, and If It Helps You Dream..., as well as a series of instrumental albums that feature improvised music recorded between 1999 and 2017.


Greg's visual art was first shown at Princeton's ArtTimesTwo Gallery in a 2012 show called The Activity Of Form. Curator Madelaine Shellaby explains that all the show’s pieces "explore the boundaries between the real and the felt - between what is seen and what can be expanded and known from it."

In August 2015, a month-long exhibition entitled A Few Moments With Marcella opened at Langhorne Coffee House's Artist On The Avenue, a show celebrating the life of the brave and beautiful Marcella Di Sandro, tragically lost in 2014 to cancer brought on by Fanconi anemia. Patrons of the show helped facilitate a donation to the fundraiser started in Marcella's name, Chellie's Challenge.


Soon. Soon. In fact, if you see me, tell me to finish that damn book.