Saturday, November 24, 2018

"How Did You Do That, Mr. Joe?" (debut performance) (live at 1867 Sanctuary)

Today is Dad's first posthumous birthday. Two days ago, we did a tribute concert for him in a nineteenth-century church in Ewing, New Jersey.

While my sister beamed each song's specially chosen photo onto the church wall, we performed about thirty songs, including about eleven that I wrote this year about Dad and some of the people he loved. I was joined by some of the best singers and instrumentalists in the area. Jenny Cat on grand piano, Frank Burk on violin and backing vocals, Nick Crocker on guitar and backing vocals, and Righteous Jolly, James Feichthaler, Pam Crescenzo, and Nelson "JJ" McGarvey as my special guest vocalists.

Mr. Joe and Dad liked each other a lot. They are both among my invisible audience members. I just wrote this song a few days ago and wasn't planning to play it at Songs For Dad until I noticed that my Mr. Joe's daughter was in the audience.

In one of the verses, I sing about the moment that my late, great girlfriend Marcella and I happened upon Mr. Joe and Auntie Donna on a street corner in New Hope. Big changes were coming for all involved, but my lyric zeroes in on this perfect moment. Mr. Joe was happy to see me happy with my very Italian girlfriend.

out on the corner
Love Saves The Day
me with my love
you with the same

Thanks to Bob and Helen at 1867 Sanctuary Arts and Culture Center for everything, and thanks to Nick Crocker for recording everything.