Friday, November 2, 2018

"Count The Colors" (Backyard Version)

Hello. Here I am, performing my song "Count The Colors" in my backyard. It was around midnight and unseasonably warm. It's not the easiest to sing, but I tried hard to hit the notes for you.

When I sing this song, I think about the Good Shepherd Penn Partners hospice facility on South Street in Philadelphia, I think about the beautiful and spacious Bucks County property that Marcella grew up on, and I think about the forest and reservoir at Churchville Nature Center and the way it always leaves me feeling calm and happy.

I wrote this song on November 1, 2016. Around this time, the songs were coming fast. My notes suggest that I wrote "Something So Beautiful" the next night. With this project - memorializing my late girlfriend Marcella in song - I wanted to take my time. She'd been gone for two years at that time and I was beginning to figure out what I wanted to say and exactly how to say it.

Now, two years after that, I've played these songs at bars, campfires, and farmers' markets all over Pennsylvania and New Jersey, I've used my GoFundMe money (thank you!) to record some of the songs with a great band that I called The Roadside Leaves.

I'd written a few hundred songs before this one, but this is the one that showed me what my life's purpose is.

The funny thing is - if I'd had my druthers*, I would've finished the recording of this album sometime last year, way before the album's bookends - "Honey Bear" and "When You Are Sleeping" - were written. Funny the way things work out.

Anyway, thanks for listening, everybody.

*Hey, has anyone seen my druthers? They're size 9.5.