Tuesday, October 2, 2018

"No Grays And Blues" (office version)

On Sunday, I’m going back to the studio to record the ballads from the ‘Count The Colors (For Marcella)’ album. All those songs mean a lot to me, but this one is especially profound as Marcella wrote all the words.

It started with a letter that she wrote me and arranged to have mailed to me after she died. A few of the lines resonated with me so strongly that I knew I needed to turn them into music.

There are lines from text messages she sent me, too, including a poem she wrote after our first date, and a reference to the illustration and phrase that she left on a walking bridge in the forest at our favorite park. “Cancer can kill you or it can awaken your soul to a life you never knew existed.”

What a beautiful gal she was. Here is one of my tributes, “No Grays And Blues.”

Love and be loved.