Sunday, September 23, 2018


Four years ago today. I think that she would be proud of who I am today. She has so much to do with it. Like my Dad, I know that she’s still with me every step of the way. They are among the invisible crew that I travel with. 

I’ve gone to the cemetery a few times, but I don’t feel her there. I feel her when I sing for her. 

She’s so many things, including one of my main source of renewal on the days of self-doubt. Marcella is a place where I go to regain my focus. Where I go to remind myself of my purpose. 

It was in the aftermath of her passage that I pushed myself to write music was worthy of her. That changed everything for me. 

Also, she seems to have performed a little miracle for one of her loved ones today. 

I am also grateful to have a partner with a big enough heart to allow me to take Marcella with me. Thanks, Nicky. 

To everyone I mentioned here, I love you. Thanks for reading. 

NYC 2012