Saturday, August 25, 2018

"Sketchy Geoff" (preview version)

this one went missing somehow, so I'm putting it up again. the preview version of Sketchy Geoff. I'll put it out properly in a year or so. the lyric references my friend Damon Scattergood, the law firm of Hinkles, Fingles, Fischer, and Prior, Kurt Cobain's imaginary friend Boddah, a cat I met in Akron, Ohio, my childhood neighbor Aggie, Inky Voorhees, a dog I met in New Orleans named Disable ("he used to be 'Able'; then he got hit by a car"), various students from Albright College, and, of course....
Sketchy Geoff.

sending it out to James Burke and all the cool people I met in West Reading last month.