Friday, April 27, 2018

"Terri & J.R. (Gammy & JJ)" (live at Manny Brown's)

I wrote this tune about my grandparents this week and debuted it at my neighborhood bar.

I recall the carefree moments of kid adrenaline and family love, running around their yard in Dunellen, New Jersey. I wasn't allowed to touch JJ's guitar, but, as a photo that's famous within our family proves, I did.

When I turned eighteen, they restored that old Gibson and gave it to me. I wrote some tunes like "Future Tense" and "If It Helps You Dream..." on it.

My mom often feels that they are somewhere in the vicinity, checking on my dad during his ongoing time of need. They're free to fly, and fly they do. Thanks, guys. Love you!

did you ever meet Terri and J.R.? she played the fiddle, he played guitar.

Terri and J.R. stayed together for life like John and June. like old people used to.

back in them old days when the phone stayed on the wall and we weren’t always on call.

did you ever meet Terri and J.R.? now they’re free to fly and fly they do

mashed potatoes and Camel cigarettes. the smell of the laundry vent. country music station and fresh-cut grass. running round the yard. under the clothesline. everything was fine. Terri and J.R. were always nearby.

Terri and J.R. I called ‘em Gammy and JJ ‘cause I don’t talk too good.

they’re right down the road, right near where I live. you can visit anytime.

they told me I can't touch that old Gibson guitar, but if I bide my time, maybe it'll be mine!

sometimes I go and sing their favorite tunes. in crazy times like this, I do imagine that they’d know what to do.