Saturday, October 14, 2017

"(All I Have To Do Is) Dream" (The Everly Brothers cover) (live with The Roadside Leaves)

Following the debut of the 'Count The Colors (For Marcella)' record, The Roadside Leaves helped me play a set of ten songs that inspired, in one way or another, the writing of the album.

The Everly Brothers' classic "(All I Have To Do Is) Dream" (written by Felice and Boudleaux Bryant) is one of the songs that Nick Crocker and I performed for Marcella in her hospice room on South Street in Philadelphia.

That same day, Righteous Jolly also came up to help me do a concert for her. None of us had any way of knowing that it would be our last chance.

Funny how things work out like that sometimes.

Also, procrastinate much, Greg?? Gee whiz, indeed.

At our concert, just over three years later, we're joined by the brilliant Frank Burk for three-part harmony. I'd met Frank that same day and we hadn't rehearsed any vocal parts with him. Hearing us sing together for the first time in this small room with no amplification, I remember getting chills.

I've mentioned before that a recording of the concert was being played the next morning when she left us. I don't know which song she was listening to, but I hope I sang it OK. In that moment, our relationship moved from the physical realm to the universe of music.

When I play her songs, we are, for a few minutes, walking side-by-side again.