Saturday, October 14, 2017

"Bye Bye Love" (The Everly Brothers cover) (live with The Roadside Leaves)

My musical life begins with The Everly Brothers. The Everly Brothers begin with this song.

The biggest gift that my Dad gave me was exposure - in-person and on record/VHS/cassette/CD - to The Everlys. We saw them about twelve times during my childhood. The anticipation for each gig was not unlike the anticipation of Christmas. Musically, they're where I come from. I thank my Dad for taking me there.

This song ended up in the show because Marcella and I had gone looking for the site of the RCA recording studio at which "Bye Bye Love" was recorded (along with "Heartbreak Hotel" and other classics) on our trip to Nashville. We found that it was merely the site of a parking lot. Luckily, its successor - RCA Studio B - is still standing and in-use for tours and recording. I was also very excited to walk down the block from our Airbnb house on Music Row and find the studio where much of Neil Young's 'Harvest' album was recorded.

So, cheers to Dad, Marcella, The Everlys, The Bryants, and The Roadside Leaves.

written by Felice and Boudleaux Bryant
video by Nick Crocker