Sunday, January 1, 2017

The Banana One Is My Favorite/Keep Throwing Scarves At Your Droning Guitar

I have released my annual mix tape today.

You can buy it for $946.00 (USD) or stream it for free.

It is ninety-two minutes long and presented as tracks 15 and 16 of "Greg McGarvey Sound Collage 1998-", my continually growing collection of improvised solo music, jam sessions, nature sounds, overheard conversations, and other life moments.

I do this work because I have fun making art, especially art that follows the natural unfolding of events and helps to retroactively reveal my spiritual road map (whether or not the GPS was picking up a signal at the time).

For that small handful of artistically adventurous friends/fans who are willing to trust me with their ears as they wander the forest, drive a long highway, or ingest a li'l somethin'-or-other, I present this work to you with gratitude.