Sunday, September 6, 2015


Happy to see my friends Jenny and Dave having a most excellent wander around Nashville. On this day, September 6, 2015, I stepped out of the hotel room my dad and I were sharing and stepped into the nearby stairwell to compose music. My slightly small guitar - then only one year old - sounded huge! After warming up with some tunes like "Following The Sun" by The Everly Brothers and "I've Been High" by R.E.M., I wrote a melody for a lyric I'd written that morning, "The Grandmas Of Nashville," my first new song after about three-and-a-half years of writing mostly prose. That song has lasted and was later cut at Sweet Creek Studios as the lead song on the 'Count The Colors (For Marcella)' album. I also found myself writing what is now one of my favorite guitar instrumentals - "NASHVILLE STAIRWELL INSTRUMENTAL NO. 1."

(If there was a #2, it must have been.... just that.... as I didn't archive it.)