Monday, March 24, 2014

"Sometimes, the mountain you perceive is merely a big pile of trash. And sometimes those trash gulls hovering above it are really just your self-doubts. Look above those trash gulls of self-doubt. Look above those trash gulls and focus on the shining sun. Stare at that sun. It won’t damage your eyes (Tullytown has a different sun than other towns). Contemplate existence. Contemplate Tullytown’s manmade sun. How did they do that? What was the purpose of blocking out Earth’s sun and having Waste Management build a replacement sun? And, brother, once you’ve found yourself asking the questions, you’ve found your answer. The answer is the question. The mountain is the landfill. And the trash gulls. Are you. The trash gulls are you."
- from Tullytown Wisdom: The Spirit Within The Stench

Thursday, March 13, 2014

I wonder if, when I was 15, there was a moment when I was taking a train to Philadelphia, playing one of the white strings on my hoodie like a fabric bass, sitting next to a backpack and my Sigma acoustic guitar, and wondering what being 30 will be like.