Monday, October 27, 2008

i think you should know (NYCfreeishwriting)

i think you should know that i am on a bench in Madison Square Park and summer is gone but with thermal pants, a knit hat and a sunny day, it doesn't really matter a whole lot to me... my peripheral vision cam tells me that i am sitting next to a Hasidic Jew, but maybe it's a Wall Street guy who is trying a new combination of suit and giant black hat. my sugar was extremely low during the train ride and the walk to the agency at which my kid sister has an appointment. i have solved this with delicious coffee and with a two dollar roadside sausage. may God continue to bless all roadside meat vendors. i love you all. a squirrel is in my personal space. he is eating a nut of with the same disaffectedness (apparently not a word) and lack of self-consciousness that the cliched New York person has. i would take this opportunity to explore more human/squirrel parallels, but i would rather sit here thinking about how great it would be to be in a band called Squirrel Parallels. it would be just me and the Hasidic Jew stock broker. i am enjoying looking at beautiful women. nature makes good things. Japanese people made my new old guitar. it is 11 years old, so i had better watch my language around it . ..

my cell phone just restarted itself so i started writing down key phrases from this note so i could recreate it. luckily, thanks to the magic of Google and their Gmail application, my note has regenerated like a severed tail. if you see Old Man Google, please thank him for me

my NYC points of references have changed over the years. when i first came here in 1997, i wanted to see the Beastie Boys in the subway. now i want to see Michael Stipe, David Bowie, and Max Weinberg.

on top level of double-decker train. it is packed yet dead quiet. on the ride here, there were only a few scattered passengers, including a group of ladies who were quite obviously from Philadelphia. my sister and i trying to think of words that are adversely affected by the Philly accent. "creek" becomes "crik," "monday" becomes "mondee," "The Phillies" becomes "The Fulls," and most astonishingly, "The Eagles" becomes "The Iggles." a friend from rural North Carolina tells me that i have neither a Philly accent nor a Jersey accent. a man in the NBC gift shop guessed that i am from Canada. a rapper on the street told me, after i told him i'm from Philly, that i look like a gangsta rapper. i bought dried cantaloupe and dried strawberries from the most enthusiastic fruit and nut vendor in the world. i regret not taking a photo with him, so i pledged (to myself) to include him in my blog. neil young once said that he really doesn't know why he feels so good, but it's happening to him so he knocks on wood.