Monday, December 6, 1999

"The Trippin' Song"/"BOSNIAZNIOTCH"/"Good Job Prince Edward"/"12-06-1999"

I've been writing songs since 2007, but I've been recording since 1998 when I was fifteen. Inspired by the intoxicating freefom of Sonic Youth's SYR series, I used to record the very stony jam sessions that would break out in my bedroom and then mix them in with other avant garde-type recordings I found myself making on my own. By the year 2000, I had a huge archive of strange and wonderful jam sessions and other sonic weirdnesses on my Packard Bell desktop computer. While in the process of weaving it all into one giant piece - sort of a soundtrack to a nonexistent movie - I lost much of it to a hard drive crash. Luckily, I managed to back up a fair amount on cassette. Ah, the rare moment of teenage forethought.

Anyway, revisiting this "medley" yesterday inspired a most excellent forest stroll with one of the jammers in question, Nicholas Harris. I present this now to the weirdos among you. For maximum effect, blast this stuff in your car with the windows down while driving to nowhere in particular. For those who prefer conventional music, don't worry - I've got more of that, too.