Saturday, August 25, 2018

"Sketchy Geoff" (preview version)

this one went missing somehow, so I'm putting it up again. the preview version of Sketchy Geoff. I'll put it out properly in a year or so. the lyric references my friend Damon Scattergood, the law firm of Hinkles, Fingles, Fischer, and Prior, Kurt Cobain's imaginary friend Boddah, a cat I met in Akron, Ohio, my childhood neighbor Aggie, Inky Voorhees, a dog I met in New Orleans named Disable ("he used to be 'Able'; then he got hit by a car"), various students from Albright College, and, of course....
Sketchy Geoff.

sending it out to James Burke and all the cool people I met in West Reading last month.

Wednesday, August 22, 2018

"Cleansed In Waves" (bedroom version)

New shirt, new glasses, new notebook, and new song. It’s all black except the song... although the song’s main character DOES wear a lot of black.

I hope you like my new song, “Cleansed In Waves.” I wrote it today. Thanks to my friend Marianna for making this song an intercontinental journey.

Wednesday, August 1, 2018

I invite you

I saw the prettiest face the other day at Goat Hill. the way her eyes change when she smiles and the colors that the sun reveals in them. like her paintings, no matter how close you look, there’s more to see. she is steady like those big cliffs that overlook my favorite towns and the river between them. don’t let them tell you she’s not a rock chick. I kissed her on one just the other day.

we watched the July 4th fireworks popping off the Maine coast from the ocean ten miles away. I couldn’t take the picture so she painted what we saw.

this brilliant cascade of notes burst out and I imagined a psychedelic bouquet, hyperblooming in a cartoon-in-real-life vase. an aggressive kiss from my guitar to my Celestion Blue speaker. times like this when chance intervenes. I prepared well for the job, but the moment itself was the genius. I breathe well around that kind of air.

I said to my good friend: you and me have drank some of the same water. cosmically and otherwise. he smiled and agreed.

Saturday, June 9, 2018

"Here In The Future" (live in New Hope with Jenny Cat)

here in the future, I'm still on this ride
and I feel you reach out to me from the other side

video by KaosMusicPromotions
written by Greg McGarvey
from Count The Colors (For Marcella)